Yes. Many students at universities in the UK have...">
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Do students tend to work part-time during their studies?
asked in Student Life by cadet engr (221 points) | 22 views

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Yes. Many students at universities in the UK have part-time student jobs, typically in hospitality, academic tutoring or for their student union. If you are international, there may be restrictions on the total number of hours you are allowed to work. There should be a sticker in your passport indicating the exact number (usually 10 or 20 hours). Your university may also provide guidelines about the maximum number of hours you should work, in order to ensure you have sufficient time to dedicate to studies.

answered by cadet engr (221 points)
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Depends on their financial need.
answered by cadet engr (222 points)
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yes, Students earning their own money get lessons on spending wisely. They may be less likely to spend their hard-earned money frivolously and learn to delay gratification to pay for necessities, such as text books and rent. At the same time, they can save for non-essential purchases

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yes!, it is just all about TIME management.. pero wala ako nun.. hahha.. kaya lageng late..hahah
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