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Guangzhou Remica Building Materials CO.LTD is a manufacturer specialized in the design and production of HPL (high-pressure laminate), compact laminate, and chemical-resistant laminate for home decoration. Remica possesses international advanced manufacturing facilities, has taken in a group of experienced employees who are talented in skill and management. The annual production of the company can be 5,000,000 pieces, which is sold well through international market.
Remica keeps living up to the enterprise pursuit that “on the basic of products, develops with continuing innovation.” The using of raw materials and after-sale service are strictly adhering to ISO9001 International Quality Management System. The operation of the company is becoming institutionalized, standardized and larger scale. Remica provides the high-standard and variety of decorative products for consumers as well as offering the satisfactory after-sale service for consumers purchasing “Remica” series.
Remica has launched high-pressure laminate at the amount of more than 30 kinds of surface finishes, 700 kinds of grains/colors. The available specifications of products are: 4*6 feet,4*8 feet,4*10 feet,4*12 feet, 5*10 feet,5*12 feet,6*6 feet,6*8 feet and 6*12 feet. The thickness can be produced from 0.5-25mm.
SPECIALIZATION: stable production quality by professional and reliable production line.
QUALITY: fire-resistant level: B1; safety and environmental protection level: E1.
SELECTIVITY: more than 30 kinds of surface finishing, nearly 1000 kinds of colors and grains.
PRICE: has absolute advantage comparing with the same products in other international famous brand. Material HPL in stock

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