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Yesterday, the NBA gave awards to the players who performed well this season. The most watched regular-season MVP trophy was won by the letter brother. The formerly high-sounding James Harden was unsuccessful, and many fans of Dengge felt a little disappointed. . Adidas originally created for the adidas Harden Vol.3 MVP color scheme is still on sale, but has changed in the details, has been posted on domestic official website. The whole is still dressed in black and yellow, the details are complemented by bright orange embellishments. The rear part of the shoe body is painted with biohazard signs, warning lines and other elements, which symbolizes the performance of Harden's horror. The only change was to remove the original MVP lettering from the insole.

Air Force 1 is the evergreen series of Nike's many shoes, which match colors and play a variety of patterns. Recently, a new color matching Nike Air Force 1 Inside Out official release. The Swoosh Logo of this pair of shoes is not unusual, not only in the middle of the shoe, but also up and down, quite a bit of CDG joint temperament. The unique leather patch texture is consistent with the design of the shoe body, and the overall texture is very chic. Not only that, but the tongue also has an exposed size label; the heel of the two feet is also combined with blue and orange color, and the details are designed with sincerity.

UNDEFEATED and adidas co-branded last month to bring a pair of UN Independence Day themed UNDEFEATED x adidas Ultra Boost 1.0. Recently, a new pair of color schemes is about to be officially released, which is quite different from the previous style. The overall tone is pure black, revealing a strong black soul, more cool and more versatile. There is not much change in design. Both logos are made of 3M reflective material, which is more eye-catching under the pure black Primeknit woven body.

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