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Product Description
Product Namechristmas tree paper straws
CertificationSGS, STS, ISO, FDA
MaterialFDA proved food grade paper
FeatureDisposable, Eco-Friendly, 100% biodegradable
Temperature- 10 ~ 50 ºC
Usagewater and beverage
Size6*197mm / 8*197mm / 10*197mm etc.
Package10000 PCS/CTN
Carton size60*41*34 / 57.5*42.5*58 etc.
ColorKinds of color
Printing sampleAccording to your require to customized
Sample freeYes
Freight feeNeed to pay for the sample
Produce timeAbout 20 days
Shipping portNingbo / Shanghai etc.
Payment termT/T ,L/C
BrandStarry Sky / OEM / ODM
Why choose us?
1.Starrysk Company offers cost-effective products that avoid the contradiction between the quality and price of trading companies.
2.To meet the needs of customers in different scenarios, the product can provide a single independent packaging requirement.
3.The box is also 100 naturally decomposable and environmentally friendly.
1.How long have you been in business?
A: We are a start-up company. But we focus on paper straws.
2: Can I get some samples?
A: Yes ,sample can offer for free but shipping cost is on you.
3:Could I use my logo or design the items?
A: Yes, customized logo and design on mass production are available ,but we need authorization.China Christmas Paper Straw

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