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Our History
Oyeah Technology is the best OTC product manufacturer in China, located at Deqing County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. It was founded in 2002, after more than 15 years development, now it has over 50 million USD annual turnover. The company owns four factories, producing various of OTC products, such as face mask, band aid, gauze bandage, cotton ball, cotton swab, medical alcohol and iodophor products, etc..
Our Factory
Oyeah Technology has four production bases:
Deqing Oyeah factory, producing band aid, cotton ball, cotton swab.
Deqing Yilubo factory, producing gauze bandage, dressing and face mask.
Hubei Allbond factory, producing alcohol and iodophor products.
Fuyang Factory, producing medical adhesive tape and iodophor products.
Our Product
OTC medical product, including cotton products, bandage, face mask, alcohol and iodophor products.
Healthcare products, like air quality monitor, nebulizer, electronic clinical thermometer, etc.
Product Application
OTC market, home healthcare, hospital consumable.
Our Certificate
GMP, FDA, CE, ISO13485
Production Equipment
We have several 100,000 level cleaning room for OTC product production. Two R&D center, and two testing laboratories.
Production Market
We are one of the best OTC goods provider in China market, with more than 50 million USD annual turnovers. Our market share covers almost whole China, most medical stores and hospitals are using Oyeah products.
Exporting business is our next strategy plan, that we are going to achieve another 50 million USD sales every year.
Our service
We provide the best service for all our customers, not only limited on quality product, on timing delivery and after sale service, but also on technical support, product improvement and business consultant service. We will do our best to solve any customers’ problem, in time and efficiency, to gain a long term win-win cooperation.q tips suppliers

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