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Although the release date has been postponed repeatedly, the enthusiasm of the fans for the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Cactus Jack is still high, and earlier today the shoe was finally launched on the Travis Scott official website, and the matching clothing series was launched simultaneously. Celebrate LA FLAME's 27th birthday. Although only a few fans have grabbed the shoes on the official website, Nike has now officially announced that the series will be officially released on May 11.

Nike officially launched the new "Hybrid" shoe Nike Presto React last month, and the famous shoe store Sneaker Politics brought you a pair of the latest Brutal Honey. As the newest member of the Nike React family, Nike React Brutal Honey combines the React sole with the classic Presto design. In addition to the breathable mesh material, the Nike React Brutal Honey uses a deformed neoprene bracket to infuse fresh blood into the classic design. The bright yellow and brown details echo the cartoon "bee" pattern on the insole.

After the "CNY" debut in the beginning of the year, Nike classic basketball shoes Air Flightposite has ushered in a new "Knicks" color. The Nike Air Flightposite Knicks are designed with Royal Blue as the main theme, complemented by a bright-eyed orange Swoosh and an outsole, while the signature zipper design is smug, and the insole is also decorated with special orange dots. Very bold and avant-garde.

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