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Established in 2006, Timeless furniture starts furniture business by supplying order for local big factories and trading companies with semi finished and finished products. After these years experience, we started to export through exporting agent, mainly to USA, Australia, Europe, South Africa, etc. You can have a look at our web which showing companies we have been supplying either through trading companies or us.
Now from 2010, after setting up our own exporting department and export by ourselves, though we donot have a very long exporting history as a traditional manufacturing factory, we have never stopped making efforts to research how to provide you most comfortable service, which some factories may ignore, like quality control before loading, on time delivery, after sales service, etc. We always believe what you care, is what we focus on.
By providing factory direct and export direct pricing, you can receive competitive price with no need to contact middleman, as well as saving time by manufacturing the most suitable furniture direct from our own factory. In addition, you can use our own forwarder agent to arrange shipping, if that, you can get a 1 to 2% special discount. Also without complex clearance handling process or importing consultation.
Our main product range includes three lines, old recycled wooden furniture, painted white series, upholstered items. That is a full range of home furniture, e.g.,bedroom wardrobe, drawer chest, bedside table,living room display cabinets, console table, TV stand,dining room tables, kitchen storage,bathroom vanities,library bookcases and writing desk.
Also your design is available for developing if receiving pics or drawing. Please feel free to contact if any inquiry.
China vintage console table manufacturers

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