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For you, what are the hardest subject in engineering?
in Student Life by cadet engr (148 points) | 45 views

6 Answers

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Statics Integral calculus etc.
by cadet engr (148 points)
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it depends........
by cadet engr (334 points)
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when we are born, it is hard for us to walk, run, jump and even stand.

It looks like it is impossible for us to speak, to communicate, to read, to solve problems. 

Pero ngayon malaki na tayo, I hope napag tanto na natin na walang imposible at walang mahirap basta may paulit ulit na magtuturo at magttyagang matuto. 

Now let us prove ourselves na hindi imposibleng maging engineer tayo. Game?

Godbless us. You are blessed. 

by cadet engr (126 points)
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Strength of Materials and Engineering Materials


Differential and Integral Calculus

Differential Equation

Advanced Engineering Math

Numerical methods

Digital Signal Processing
by engr I (1.1k points)
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HARDEST subject? like when you find ur eX and ask whY? haha.. it doesnt MATHer..hehe
by cadet engr (124 points)
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statics of rigid bodies

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