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I was thinking of shifting from CPE to ECE.
in Student Life by cadet engr (74 points) | 121 views
kung saan ka masaya at di mo pagsisihan sa huli.. y not?..hehe

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dont  just settle for better, go for what is BEST.

And for me, God's plan for each and everyone of us is the best. Have some time with Him, pray and patiently wait for His signs. Godbless you.

(you cant compare a pencil to a pen, each of them has their unique definitions).
by cadet engr (125 points)
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Choose what you really want not what your parents want.

Sila lang ang nag papaaral hindi sila ang nag aaral.
by cadet engr (255 points)
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Ang kasagutan ay nasa isip mo lang. Sundan mo.
by cadet engr (294 points)
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alam mo  kahit anong gusto mo ang mahala mahal ka parin namin :)
by cadet engr (805 points)
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There is no better between CpE and ECE. It is you who will pick depending on your interests.
by cadet engr (110 points)
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kahit na ano raw piliin mo nag dyan draw si awao
by cadet engr (805 points)
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