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Do you think graduating late in college is bad?
in Student Life by cadet engr (176 points) | 14 views

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Life is a race. But school is not a race track. We just need to study then learn. If we aren't able to learn, study again.

(Run. But don't ever focus on other people while running, dalawa lang ang kahihinatnan nyan, either madisappoint ka (if you see they are better than you) o maging mayabang ka (if you see you are better than them) . Instead, focus on the finish line. The license is waiting for you. Run faster. Not just to beat others, or for the praise of others but run for yourself).

I hope I made sense. Godbless you.
by cadet engr (126 points)
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di nawawala ung BENEFITS at DISADVANTAGE nyan.. depende nlng sau kung ano ung priority mo at ano ang mas nakakapagpasaya sau..
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Hindi naging basehan ang tagal sa pag-aaral. Ang mahalaga makapagtapos! PAWEEER!
by cadet engr (306 points)
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Nope. Its okay if you cant graduate on the exact time. Atleast you can gain more experience and knowledge.
by cadet engr (125 points)
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sino nag sabi nyan ? hahahahaha engineering start 40 pwede kang mag trabaho henry sy nga naka graduate ba ng college ?
by cadet engr (805 points)
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Graduating late isn't bad at all. It just proves that everything in college especially subjects are  very tough. College isn't about graduating fast, it is about learning.
by cadet engr (110 points)

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