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Does age really matter?
in Dating by engr I (1.1k points) | 36 views

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If you both want the same thing from the relationship, then you have settled half the battle. Just like couples who are the same age, if you aren't on the same page, things will be just as difficult.

Though I'm not an expert in relationships by any means, ultimately, leave all judgment behind when you find someone truly special. No two people are the same, just like no two romances are the same. Take each person as he or she comes.

I know lovers who are nine years apart and just as happy as those who are two months apart in age. Don't close yourself off based on age, but take into consideration where people of different ages are in their lives. Just because someone is a certain age doesn't mean he or she fits a certain status quo.

Allow love to work its mysterious magic if you find yourself having a special connection with someone who is older or younger than you. Explore it and let it grow beautifully.

by cadet engr (310 points)
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yes... try mo mang ligaw ng 80 years old. hahahha.
by cadet engr (80 points)
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Walang edad sa pag-ibig. Pag mahal mo mahal mo. Ipaglaban mo.
by cadet engr (294 points)

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