Your feelings are part of your very personal response...">
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How can someone overcome feelings of rejection?
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Your feelings are part of your very personal response to either bad news or feeling let down by someone important to you.

To explain that - someone else in your position might have brushed it off, felt even worse or couldn't have cared less.

Your reaction will to some degree depend on your specific circumstances of course, including your relationship history. The way in which you found out that you are no longer wanted or loved will also have a bearing.

Most of these symptoms are likely to slowly disappear in the following days, possibly replaced by a sense of gloom, sadness and lack of interest in anything. 

After a couple of weeks you should begin to see some light again. Very slowly the periods that you feel a little better will become more frequent and last longer.

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Tanggapin mo sa puso't isipan mo. Isipin mo lang na marami pang isda sa karagatan. Hindi puro hipon lang.
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